Click here to read our COVID protocols.
Click here to read our COVID protocols.
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COVID Protocol

How it works

First things first, we want all clients to know that we’ll still be offering the curbside service that’s become the norm. If you prefer this experience for your visit, it’s still available and nothing will change for you.

All clients, whether they intend to come into the building or wait in their cars during the exam, will still need to call when they are here to let us know. We’ll have you wait in the car until a technician is available to first call you to get a brief history over the phone; the technician will tell you when to head to the door. Please do not crowd or wait by doors unless instructed to by a staff member. We want to maintain an unobstructed flow in and out of the building.

If you decide to accompany your pet into the building, some restrictions are in place:

  • A mask policy is in place for all staff and clients

*** If you’d prefer to not wear a mask, remember that curbside service is still available! As before, we’ll get a history over the phone and have you bring your pet to the door for the hand-off. The doctor will call you to discuss the results of your pet’s examination. ***

  • When we call you, we’ll ask you to bring your pet to the front door on the left where one of our technicians will meet you and escort you directly to an exam room. Only one human companion is allowed in the building with their pet.
  • We ask that you do not help restrain your pet while the Dr is doing the examination so we can ensure social distancing.
  • ** At this time, we ask owners to either sit or stand in the designated area in each exam room for the duration of their pet’s appointment. This will allow enough space to distance from the doctor and technician who are examining your pet and performing the necessary treatments.
  • The Dr may still want to take your pet to our treatment area for certain situations, but our goal is to do the examination with you present in the exam room.
  • Since the lobby is closed, please remain in the exam room with your mask on at all times.

After your visit has concluded, the technician or front desk staff will cash you out in the exam room and dispense any food or medications being sent home. We ask that once your appointment is completed, you promptly exit the building through the door with the vestibule on the left.

Please note: Medication and food pick-ups, tech appointments and surgery or other drop-offs and discharges will remain curbside.